Archery, a lifestyle

Welcome to the website of the South African National Archery Association (SANAA) dedicated to development of the sport.

PeArchery, a lifestyleople from many walks of life enjoy archery. Almost every age group can participate, and children as young as 6 or 7 have taken well to the sport, while it is not unheard of for people in their 80s to be shooting competitively. It also teaches the benefits of teamwork in some cases with some competitions involving groups of people.


Archery is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and can be enjoyed by both able bodied and disabled people. The sport can be competitive or simply recreational and can provide much enjoyment. Archery can be practiced both indoors and outdoors with many clubs having access to indoor facilities over the winter season so the weather need not be a barrier to participation.

This website is designed for the archery novice and aimed at developing the sport.

Bellavista school completes Feathers & Arrows course

Executive member, Aurelle Medalie reports from Johannesburg. Year end at Bellavista School brings the awards assembly and once again I was invited to present the Feather and Arrow pins to those who had qualified throughout the year.

After an uplifting talk about the origins of Lego by the headmistress, it was time to present the awards to these deserving students. One by one they were called up to receive their pins and certificates. They immediately attached these beautiful pins to their lapels, showing off their achievements with great excitement.

Alan Weyers leaves a legacy

It is with deep regret that SANAA announced the passing away of a very inspirational leader in the SA Archery Development world, Alan Weyers passed away on 14 April 2014. This is a paragraph taken from the SANAA site:

Here we go !

While I was presenting the F&A workshop in the various provinces I said on a number of occassions that come December and my travels around the country slow down I would start to pay more attention to the Development website. Well here I am.

Coaches Accreditation Course December 2012

Exams are never easy - under the watchful eye

The Coaches Accreditation Course December 2012 is done and dusted and by all accounts it exceeded all expectations.

Rules Change - Multiple Pin Sights for Compound Division - Target Archery


Book 3, Article 11.2.5
Archery Canada has requested an interpretation as to whether the multi-pin sight shown below is allowed for the Compound Division.

The Constitution and Rules Committee (“C&R”) finds the question presented to be within the terms of reference of the Technical Committee.

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